Chicken and pepper deliciousness

Chicken and peppers

I ummed and ahhed over what to call this recipe. Word’s just don’t do it justice. It’s one of those dishes you’ve just got to trust in and try it for yourself. I promise you will absolutely love it and will be making it for the rest of your days. Yup, it’s that good.

Now here’s the unbelievable bit – with the exception of some seasoning and a bit of cooking oil – this dish has only two ingredients. I’m not sure what wizardry happens in that cooking pot, but my god, it has never failed me yet.

I first came across this recipe in ‘The Flavour Thesaurus’ by Niki Segnit. It’s not a cook book as such but gives you ideas on flavour pairings. I’ve had it for a good few years now and it’s probably my favourite foodie-type book (of which I have far too many) and I’d highly recommend it. I’ve adapted it a teeny tiny wee bit by adding smoked paprika into the mix but it’s also delicious without.


1kg chicken thighs (please do not use chicken breasts as it just won’t work, also it must be chicken thighs with the bones still in and the skin still on – these will give your sauce all its flavour)

4 bell peppers (Use a mixture of red, yellow or orange but not green)

1tbsp smoked paprika

2tbsps olive oil




Get a large cooking pot with a lid and heat the olive oil. Season your chicken thighs with salt, pepper and smoked paprika and place then, skin side down into the hot oil. Leave them alone for 5 minutes then flip them over so the skin is facing up. Meanwhile cut your peppers into thin strips. Once the chicken is flipped over, bundle the peppers on top and cover the pot with the lid. Turn your heat to medium and walk away. Go and occupy yourself for 40 minutes, no need to prod, stir or add any liquid. Once your 40 minutes is up, lift your lid and you will have gorgeous melt in the mouth chicken in a golden sauce of softened peppers. Serve over white rice. I’ve no ideas what magic happens in those 40 minutes, but by golly, it’s awesome.

Serves 4

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