Self hosting – scary stuff

I might disappear for a couple of days. I’m not running away or playing hide and seek with you, nor cowering in a dark cupboard (hopefully). I am however, attempting to go down the very scary self hosting route.

I have spent the best part of two hours marvelling over the confusing matters of php and domain transfers. Honestly, I’m non the wiser for it but I am a Glasgow girl, and I am stubborn so I will tackle this bugger and hopefully have a shiny, lovely new site for my troubles.

I’ve loved having look after me but the time has come to get more professional. For all my regular readers, worry not, my web address is still staying the same but might possibly go offline for a couple of days while I toil away and tear my hair out. My new hosting company Bluehost has assured me that the transfer process is easy peasy so we shall see.

I’d love to hear your experiences of going down the self hosting route. Was it worth the hassle? Was it a straight forward process or a total nightmare? Did you go grey in the process?

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Much love

Cheryl x


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