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Roast chicken with rosemary, garlic and lemon

Roast chicken

The humble roast chicken needs no explanation or introduction really. The classic comfort food that warms both bellies and hearts alike. This version combines zesty lemon with the comforting aromas of garlic and rosemary. Ingredients Medium chicken Salt Pepper 1…
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Not so fancy French Macarons

Choc Macarons

I first fell in love with Macarons when I visited Paris for my 30th last summer. I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth and would always pick savoury over sweet any day. However, there is no resisting a Parisian cake…
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Lamb moussaka

Lamb Moussaka

Theres no rushing a good moussaka. Each component needs its own love and attention before the magnificent union takes place. Supermarkets the land over have given this dish a bad reputation – layers of runny slime with some lumpy bits…
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Cheats beef penang

Beef Penang

I’ve been meaning to try this for a while now and have spent some time researching various different recipes. They all generally involved a good bit of spice toasting, roasting and pummelling. Now who’s got time for that, especially on…
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