Pasta and Rice



Despite where you hail from, be it New Orleans, Louisiana or in my case Glasgow, sometimes all you need is some soul. Get your daily dose from this dish and feel the love with every bite. Afterwards, give someone a…
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Tomato and spinach lasagne

Spinach tomato lasagna

How do you feel about the word “amazeballs”? I myself have never been a fan, and quite frankly always felt a tiny bit queasy whenever it has been peppered about willy nilly. I mean, c’mon its not even a real…
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Lemon and garlic chicken pasta

Lemon garlic chicken pasta

This is another super easy pasta dish that can be ready is less than 20 minutes, perfect if you’re in a rush but still want to put something tasty and satisfying on the dinner table. The lemon and garlic compliment…
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The ultimate mac and cheese

Ultimate mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is probably one of the very first dishes that I learned to cook well. It’s such an easy dish but I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been served up a plate of mushiness that tastes very…
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Chilli ginger chicken with udon noodles

Chilli ginger chicken udon

  This is a really simple ‘throw it all together’ kind of recipe that can be on your plate in 20 minutes flat. The noodles have a beautiful chunky yet silky texture that works wonderfully with the soft chicken and…
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Orzo with a buttery cheese sauce

Cheesy orzo

I was absolutely delighted last week to find out that my local Morrisons had started to stock orzo pasta. They usually only stretch to spaghetti, penne or fusilli so I was well impressed. For those not familiar with orzo, its…
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Creamy chicken and white wine pasta

Creamy chicken white wine pasta

  Lets talk about chicken! There’s quite a bit of it on my blog – you’ll find curries, soups, salads and even a full bird or two. If however, you had to rewind the clock to two years ago, you…
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Gnocchi Carbonara

Gnocchi carbonara

Everyone loves Carbonara, right? With its velvety smooth sauce punctured with little bites of sweet salty bacon, sharp speckles of freshly ground pepper and shavings of parmesan – whats not to love about it. Rather than use the traditional spaghetti…
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Creamy bacon and caramelised onion pasta

Creamy bacon and caramelised onion pasta

Lets talk about weaknesses. Chocolate, sugar, ice cream, donuts even – forget about it, I’m just not interested. My food weaknesses are of the savoury variety. In particular, bacon; cheese; carbs and cream. These are my partners in crime, the…
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Creamy garlic prawns with spaghetti

Creamy garlic prawn spaghetti

This is a great dinner to throw together if you’re running short on time and doesn’t scrimp on flavour either. The creamy tomato sauce is very comforting and the garlic prawns give a satisfying bite. My other half took one…
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Summer couscous with falafel

Falafal and summer cous cous salad

This is a gorgeous light and healthy meal, perfect for a light dinner on a summer evening or a delicious take-to-work or picnic lunch. It’s packed full of big flavours and just shouts out summer. I used shop bought falafels…
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Creamy tomato and blue cheese pasta

Tomato blue cheese pasta

I’ve been feeling a bit poorly this week and my body was seeking out some serious comfort food. My comfort foods of choice are usually steaming hot bowls of thick and brothy soup or a big ol’ plate of soft…
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Honey lime chicken with sticky coconut rice

Honey lime chicken

Holy moly! I’m blowing my own trumpet here but this was AWESOME and is swiftly getting added to my favourite meals of all time list (which is growing to monstrous proportions I might add). The honey, lime and coconut were…
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Summer couscous salad with grilled halloumi

Summer couscous with grilled halloumi

Here in Scotland, whilst still very cold, the sun is starting to make more of an appearance. Summer is still a fair bit off but I can’t help but feel less wintery. I thought I would get myself in the…
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Gnocchi with cheesy mustard sauce

Cheesy gnocchi

Ummm, so you know my big plan to go vegi for a month, get all healthy and lose a few pre-holiday pounds in the process? Well, that clearly isn’t going to happen. I seem to have gotten fruit and vegetables…
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