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Bacon, pea and mint spaghetti

Bacon pea mint spaghetti

The winter months have set in, the clocks have officially gone back an hour (in Scotland at least) and the wooly hats and mittens have been brought out of hibernation. Around this time of the year it is mighty tempting…
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Creamy chicken and sundried tomato pasta

Creamy chicken sundried tomato pasta

If you need a quick and tasty dish on the table pretty darn quick, and have neither the energy or inclination to get your hands dirty, then this is the chap for you. Can you tell this was a ‘get…
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Orzo with a buttery cheese sauce

Cheesy orzo

I was absolutely delighted last week to find out that my local Morrisons had started to stock orzo pasta. They usually only stretch to spaghetti, penne or fusilli so I was well impressed. For those not familiar with orzo, its…
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Creamy chicken and white wine pasta

Creamy chicken white wine pasta

  Lets talk about chicken! There’s quite a bit of it on my blog – you’ll find curries, soups, salads and even a full bird or two. If however, you had to rewind the clock to two years ago, you…
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Creamy bacon and caramelised onion pasta

Creamy bacon and caramelised onion pasta

Lets talk about weaknesses. Chocolate, sugar, ice cream, donuts even – forget about it, I’m just not interested. My food weaknesses are of the savoury variety. In particular, bacon; cheese; carbs and cream. These are my partners in crime, the…
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Creamy garlic prawns with spaghetti

Creamy garlic prawn spaghetti

This is a great dinner to throw together if you’re running short on time and doesn’t scrimp on flavour either. The creamy tomato sauce is very comforting and the garlic prawns give a satisfying bite. My other half took one…
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Creamy tomato and blue cheese pasta

Tomato blue cheese pasta

I’ve been feeling a bit poorly this week and my body was seeking out some serious comfort food. My comfort foods of choice are usually steaming hot bowls of thick and brothy soup or a big ol’ plate of soft…
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Lasagne done my way


No two lasagne recipes are the same. Apart from shop bought ones which are universally horrible. Even restaurant lasagne is a bit of a let down if I’m honest. A good lasagne starts in the home, cooked at leisure by…
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Spicy Italian sausage spaghetti

Italian sausage spaghetti

God bless the Italians. They gave us pasta and they gave us spicy sausage. I give you, in return, a rather incredible spicy Italian sausage spaghetti. This dish wouldn’t look out of place on the dinner table in an episode…
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Chicken and bacon pasta bake with creamy tomato sauce

Chicken bacon pasta bake

On a cold wintery Scottish night, there are few things more comforting than a creamy pasta bake. It might not do the love handles any good but hell, knowing our weather, we’ll be wearing big wooly jumpers right up to…
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